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Approaches To Localization: The Artist And The Mechanic

For centuries, translation was first and foremost a form of art. The translator Artists would labor not just for days, but often years, to breathe life into their work and make it as captivating (or more so!) as the original.


The Uber Guide to Localization: 6 Strategies Worth Stealing

Ready to take your business global? You can learn a lot about localization strategy from studying other business’ efforts. Case in point: ridesharing service Uber. Founded only 7 years ago in the USA, Uber is now available in 65 countries, 450 cities and 32 languages worldwide. How did they do it, and what can everyone else learn?

Go Global or Go Home: Why Localization Is Key

When I was working at Computerworld Hong Kong throughout the 1990s, one of the things that never ceased to amaze me was how ill-equipped U.S. hardware and software vendors were to sell their products in the Hong Kong market.


5 Keys To Success In Rolling Out Software Worldwide

The good news is that the reach of your new software application is instantly worldwide, and the bad news is that most people still prefer to work in their own native language.

5 Most Expensive Game Localization Mistakes

Localization doesn’t always get the attention it deserves from video game developers and publishers but it’s something you can’t afford to ignore in today’s market.

Why Digital Transformation should be your Top Localization Strategy

Still using a flip phone? Of course not. By now, you’ve realized the benefits of having a smartphone–it’s a camera, it’s a computer, and it’s your connection to the digital world. Enterprises large and small all understand the importance of upgrading to the latest technology. It’s critical to stay relevant and remain competitive in the digital age.




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The Ultimate Guide to WordPress Translation and Localization

WordPress powers more than 15 million websites across the web and I’ve got news for you – not all of them are in English. In fact, one of the reasons the ‘Press is so popular is due to its availability in many languages and the ease with which it can be translated.

The Advanced Guide to jQuery i18n
Pixelated word ‘jQuery’ made from cubes, mosaic pattern

The Advanced Guide To jQuery I18n

We are going to thoroughly discuss jQuery I18n’s features as well as see it in action by creating a demo JavaScript application.


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