Monthly I18n And L10n Roundup – January 2017

Monthly I18n and L10n Roundup

Once a month we curate the best links and most relevant articles around the topics I18N and L10n for everyone involved in Localization and Internationalization.

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Find our carefully handpicked articles on I18n and L10n below for your reading enjoyment.


5 Ways Website Localization Can Help Businesses Achieve Global Goals

With an increasingly higher number of people joining the internet community, it has become an absolute necessity to build websites for a global audience in 2017 and beyond.


5 Reasons Why Startups Should Consider Website Localization In 2017

Given their opportunities to go global and thrive in every corner of the world, website localization has become important for startups. As language is one of the major barriers for businesses, thriving in geographical markets requires implementing local languages in the marketing campaign.

Do you want your chatbot converse in foreign languages? – First-hand localizer’s advice

If you think your bot has big potential, it makes sense to think big, plan ahead, and roll it out in other languages to capture the foreign markets early — before others do this.

5 Reasons Your Brand Should Embrace Localization

You may know your own domestic industry inside-out but when it comes to pitching your brand to foreign markets, you risk losing a lot in translation.

Globalization Through Localization

The key part of globalizing content is localization and translation. It’s something which is often overlooked by the headquarters marketing team. In addition, localization and translation require budget and resources, if you want to do it right.




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9 Steps to Get Your Website Localization Started

9 Steps To Get Your Website Localization Started

Localizing your site into different languages is a huge task – but a very rewarding one. Check out how to get your website localization started with these 9 steps!


The Essential Guide To Website Localization

The Essential Guide To Website Localization

Website localization is a huge task. Be sure to check out our essential guide before you get started.


Beginners Guide to App Localization for the Chinese Market

Beginner’s Guide To App Localization For The Chinese Market (Part 1)

Are you thinking about taking on the world’s second largest economy? Check out our beginner’s guide to app localization for the Chinese market.

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