Product Update: Stay up to date with Notifications

The newest product update "Notifications" making it easy for you to stay on top of your localization process.

We are happy to announce our latest product update: Notifications! Time matters. At Phrase we respect that. Which is why we put a lot of effort in getting you the best features fast. We are proud that our notifications feature just went live for everyone.


Always keep track of your projects. With notifications, you can subscribe to actions such as uploads, new keys and more. Phrase will then notify you in-app and via email. Notifications are a way to communicate with your team members so that they know what goes on in a project. You can subscribe to specific events and we will notify you directly in Phrase and optionally via email. Notifications are always grouped over time when certain conditions are met. Most of the time you want to know: “what changed since?”. Notifications provide you with a concrete next action referring the resources, like keys, you care about. Here is how it works:

Set up your notifications

To set up your notifications, go to your notification settings. No new notifications in Phrase | Phrase If you want to receive notifications, go to the notification settings and subscribe to the events that are relevant for you and specify the frequency in which you want to receive notifications via email.

Working with notifications

When an event happens in Phrase that you have subscribed to, you will receive a notification. A notification is grouped by project and locale, within the last 12 hours, meaning each notification can group multiple events belonging together. Notifications stream | Phrase Example: Translator Marley verified 4 keys in project “Project” and the locale “English”. The notification you receive will reference these 4 keys. When Marley verifies a key in another locale “German” it will result in a new notification. 13 hours later Marley verifies a key in “English” again resulting in a new notification. Read more on what you can do with Notification in our Documentation