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60+l10n team members

The Phrase platform helped fintech startup Kreditech scale their international business by automating their multi-language operations. Kreditech reduced their time to market when entering new local markets. Today Kreditech is able to support 30 different language versions across 9 country markets.

The Hamburg-based fintech startup Kreditech aims to build better banking for everyone and currently operates in nine countries. It not only issues credit to private individuals, but is developing banking technology and supporting services. As the fintech startup scene is set for global expansion, Kreditech is in a privileged position, since it has proven an extraordinary time to market in new countries and it is now prepared for future stable international growth.

Kreditech used Phrase, a software localization platform for web and mobile translation projects, to accelerate the localization process and boost international expansion. Despite early success, Kreditech needed a solution to help scale their international business more efficiently. Phrase gives companies an advantage in the global marketplace as multilingual websites, apps and desktop applications can be easily implemented in multiple languages and are marketable more quickly. Hence, the barrier of entrepreneurs for internationalization decreases drastically. Companies are flexible for multilingual adjustments, so they can adapt more quickly to new market conditions.

After having released their products in the first few countries, the fintech startup discovered Phrase to automate its multi-language operations and expand its reach. It started using Phrase to accelerate the localization process and was able to boost international expansion. Initially Kreditech made use of XML files when handling localization, with a basic structure composed of sections, properties, and values. Everyone involved in the localization process had access to one single file. Developers, translators and project managers edited the same single file, often causing errors.

Translations made in the wrong locale or breaking of the document structure generated tremendous administrative overhead.

By using Phrase, Kreditech was able to integrate the in-context editor for the translation of strings directly on their web platform. Instead of just translating a set of ‘geek strings’, translators were able to grasp the context, seeing where the transition is actually placed in the application. This seems basic, but it helped Kreditech in handling the creation and continuous update of more than 750k words, saving time and costs as well improving overall translation quality.

Kreditech uses Phrase to monitor the current state of localization projects in real time keeping track of language versions, monitoring of tasks and orders, schedules and translation costs. With more than 30 different language versions, Phrase helped to keep all the localisation process organised and reduced administrative expenses.

Large localization projects usually involve many different parties. Phrase made it easy for Kreditech to collaborate with a large team of translators, developers and product managers. It was easy for them to handle their team of more than 60 involved users on Phrase, with different roles and access to the system.

A developer may have access to create strings in all projects, but a translator may only edit the translation copy in a specific language.

Ricardo Vidal (Head of Product) about their Phrase integration:

“Phrase har spillet en essentiel rolle i Kreditechs vellykkede vækst, både på nationalt- og produkt niveau."

Ricardo Vidal
Senior Vice President & Head of Product Management Kreditech

Since Kreditech has more than one product in some countries, Phrase eases the portfolio management by creating more than one locale for the same country with no effort. A fast time to market is essential for fintech companies such as Kreditech. Each time the fintech startup launches a product in a new country Phrase is helping Kreditech save a large amount of time.

Kreditech easily integrated Phrase in its overall development process. Phrase helped to reduce their time to market for new products and markets significantly. Today Kreditech has a portfolio of multiple financial products, supporting 30 different language versions in 9 countries with ease.

Features used


User roles and access control

Organize your localization team by assigning dedicated roles and access rights to each team member according to projects and locales.


In-context Editor

Phrase In-Context Editor kan integreres med næsten alle webapplikationer og tilbyder muligheden for oversættelse af indhold direkte på din side.



The API allows you to import locale files, download locale files, tag keys or interact in other ways with the localization data stored in Phrase for your account.

Hvad er Kreditech?

Den Hamburg-baserede fintech opstart Kreditech startede som en idé for et alternativt kreditbureau i 2012 og har udviklet sig til en udlånsvirksomhed, hvor datterselskaberne udsteder små lån til korte varigheder.

Hvad tilbyder Kreditech?

Kreditech tjener en simpel mission: „Bedre bank for alle“. Ved at bruge big data, komplekse algoritmer og automatiserede arbejdsgange er Kreditech i stand til at beregne en persons kredit score på få sekunder. I dag har virksomheden en portefølje på fire finansielle produkter og understøtter i øjeblikket 30 forskellige sprog- og produktversioner i ni lande.

Hvem bruger Kreditech?

Fra 2019 bruger mere end en million privatpersoner, der ønsker hurtig og nem adgang til et lån, Kreditech. Virksomheden udvikler også bankteknologi og støttetjenester.

Hvad kan du gøre med Kreditech?

På grund af virksomhedens scoreteknologi kan ansøgerne kræve tilbud og modtage udbetalinger på en hurtig og nem måde 24/7.


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    Accelerated release-cycles, faster time to market
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    Reduced administrative expenses
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    Improved translation quality
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