Movingdots extends telematics app Coloride into 9 languages


1month to add new languages



In addition to translation, the introduction of Arabic meant adapting the app to right-to-left alignment

Movingdots, a subsidiary of reinsurance giant Swiss Re, is a Germany-based software development company in the fleet and insurance telematics space. For Swiss Re they developed Coloride, a telematics app collecting automotive driving data to analyze behavior behind the steering wheel. Coloride was initially available in two languages, German and English, after launching in 2016. Market demand led them to plan on adding Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Dutch, Chinese and Arabic.


Managing many more languages and streamlining implementation

In addition to the considerable challenge of adding and managing translation and localization for multiple languages, Movingdots faced the requirement for Arabic, which reads from right to left. This change would demand reworking all app UI elements. Though they had inhouse resources for the translation aspect, the project management required more efficient processes than their previous reliance on spreadsheets and manual organization.

This use of spreadsheets was time-consuming and inefficient, and ultimately not viable when dealing with the complexities of software translation, which goes beyond pure text conversion from one language into another. Software strings, help documentation, UI/UX design, and marketing materials all had to reflect the new languages. The choice to enter the advantageous Middle Eastern markets added the complexity of Arabic, multiplying the challenges.


Move the management to Phrase, an enterprise digital translation and localization platform

The complexity of the problem required rethinking Movingdots' entire approach to adding multiple languages. Not only did they need a more automated process across the entire translation workflow, they needed a scalable solution that would help them to quickly add additional language markets based on demand.

They began by determining that they needed an off the shelf solution designed to manage the entire software translation workflow, including translator management, developer communications, internal testing and review, and automated implementation of translated elements. They chose Phrase, a platform designed by software app developers to solve their own translation challenges, that eventually became its own dedicated business.

Because Phrase was developed specifically for software translation, it was easily integrated into Movingdots’ development processes, including scrum and sprints. This enabled any changes or upgrades in the software to be near instantly translated and released in all target languages. The requirement for right to left reading meant developing custom software libraries which could be incorporated into the Phrase platform to keep their Arabic versions up to date.

Movingdots got access to Swiss Re’s internal localization resources for running the translation tasks. With a platform like Phrase, potential communication issues could be largely avoided as everyone could access relevant sections of the platform, offering real time issue resolution and avoiding errors and omissions. Today, working with a team of around fifteen people, the communication capabilities in Phrase help everything run smoothly.


An easily updatable and scalable solution built on a unified platform, Phrase

Phrase made possible a significant improvement in virtually every aspect of the translation and localization process, from the ability to quickly search through projects, automatic updating of status, and automated delivery of translations to translators and back to developers, with real time views into the progress of each project.

Internally, this meant a far nimbler process, saving considerable time, while reducing the potential for errors and omissions; a critical improvement when dealing with hundreds of software strings in 9 languages. Movingdots Product Manager Sandra Albers says:

“We were using spreadsheets and it was difficult to merge them for several languages. Now, we are confident to offer our products in other languages, depending on clients’ needs."

Sandra Albers
Product Manager, Movingdots

When a customer asks for a new language version…

On a more strategic level, the shift to a platform like Phrase meant that Movingdots' global expansion potential was no longer limited by complex language transition requirements. Now, with established and efficient processes and an estimated timeframe of a month or less to implement a new language, Movingdots can promise a fast and customized version of Coloride in virtually any language. They can respond quickly, based on demand, reducing the cost of expansion and opening new markets.

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API позволяет импортировать файлы локали, загружать файлы локали, теги ключей или взаимодействовать другими способами с данными локализации, сохраненными в Phrase для вашей учетной записи.


Translation Memory

Запоминает переводы, используемые в ваших проектах, и предлагает сопоставить результаты при переводе контента. Это ускоряет процесс перевода и улучшает согласованность текстов и проектов.


Распределение задач

Организуйте все ваши переводческие задания, назначив членов команды, проведя брифинги и установив нужные даты в зависимости от выбранного вами языка.

What is Movingdots?

Founded in 1999 in Berne, Germany, Movingdots is a pioneer in the German telematics industry. Since 2015 the company is a fully owned and operated subsidiary of Swiss Re. Movingdots is Swiss Re's technology hub in the automotive and mobility space and has been named one of the Top 100 - Insurtechs To Watch in 2021 by DIA.

What does Movingdots offer?

With a team of more than 40 employees, expanding as we speak, Movingdots develops innovative, customer-specific, web-based solutions and smartphone apps for primary insurers, automobile manufacturers and fleet managers in the national and international marketplace.

Who are Movingdots’ customers?

Movingdots serves the needs of fleet operators and insurers. Through Coloride, a modular app solution, Movingdots and Swiss Re support insurers with a comprehensive telematics solution.

What can you do with Coloride?

Coloride is a modular, end-to-end, and white-labeled app (or SDK) to help insurers deploy their own insurance telematics solutions. For a more detailed technical explanation of how Movingdots uses Phrase to manage translations in Coloride, read their article Global, yet local, and get a strong insight into how they translate and maintain Coloride in nine languages.


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